"Working with Anna Mae has given me so much confidence in not only my ability as a runner, but as a mountain athlete. Prior to working with Anna Mae, my self identity relied a lot on my running. This was fine when I was running strong and could fit hard/long workouts into my daily routine, but resulted in poor confidence and a bit of an identity crisis during times when I was injured or needed to back off on running. Anna Mae has helped me implement mountain activities (biking, skiing, climbing) I enjoy into my routine and I have enjoyed the transition of my identity from “runner” to “athlete.” She’s helped me incorporate more low impact strength training into my weeks and its resulted in running 9 months at high volumes injury-free. I could go on and on about how much more aerobically fit I am since I started working with Anna Mae, but the value of her coaching goes far beyond any physical fitness I’ve gained this year. She is a pillar of support. Her level of stoke is just as high when I tell her about shaving a minute off of rest during my core routine vs when I finish a 50k effort. I get consistent feedback from her. She’s understanding of when we need to be more flexible with my training plan. I appreciate the relationship I’ve built with her and my teammates and that has been invaluable. It’s just not something you can get from an “online training program.” It’s special. I’m so grateful to be on the Mountain Endurance Team and can’t wait for what’s to come.". - Laura L

"Hi everyone! I’m Alex. I joined this amazing team back in October when I decided to reach out to @annamaeflynn for coaching as a gift to myself on my 35th birthday. Best. Present. Ever! I’ve always kind of romanticized running but could never actually do it. My 20s were dominated by really unhealthy lifestyle choices and actually became a long distance thru-hiker in my 30s.l, having now done the Pacific Crest Trail, Colorado Trail and Appalachian Trail. With Anna Mae’s direction I’ve been able to amp up my running volume, learned all about cross training and gotten the support I need when I beat myself up over the small stuff. I was ready for my first half-marathon and first 35k when Covid-19 hit so hopefully I’ll be able to tackle those soon! Thanks Anna Mae!" - Alex

 "Margaret is an amazing coach! She truly understands running and the importance of caring for the whole self with mind and body. She is always willing to listen and is flexible with training and adapting the schedule to fit current running/life situations. I am always excited to see the activities Margaret has on tap for me throughout the week and her constant encouragement and enthusiasm is infectious! Can’t recommend her highly enough!" -Rose

"I highly recommend Margaret! While working with her, I have seen tremendous growth not only in my weekly milage but my overall fitness. She's motivating, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable. I have learned so much valuable information about how to safely build up mileage and strength; information that will benefit my running for years to come. She's constantly sharing the joy in running and helping her athletes find it too. My mindset around running has been transformed for the better. Absolutely love working with Margaret!!" - Laura

"Working with Ryan was easily the best thing I’ve done when it comes to my running. Before working with him I would run off and on with no real direction, never really getting better or stitching together any kind of consistency. I never realized how much I thrived with a coach until I started working with Ryan. The last 5 months working with him have given me so much hope for my running “career”. Running (mainly trails!) has become a part of my lifestyle at this point and training is such a highlight in my life. Ryan is an amazing human and just so kind and encouraging, he’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and helps me to believe in my capabilities as an athlete. He’s just as excited for my goals and my progress as I am. I have made such great strides in a short amount of time and I honestly owe it all to Ryan and his dedication to what he does"- Jessica

"It's been fantastic having Margaret as a coach! She worked with me from the ground up, from simply developing the habit of getting out everyday, to incrementally challenging me to get stronger in a sustainable way. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my overall well-being since starting her program, as someone who struggles to make the time for fitness and outdoor time on my own, despite the benefits. She/s always quick to respond to questions and very knowledgeable, and works with you right where you’re at. Thanks Margaret :) "- Jessica

 "I’ve been training since december non- stop without any race of big runs to rest myself. It has made truing difficult at times, it's made me want to break my training program, and just go send a a big run and complete abandoned my program. Thankfully I’ve had a great coach Anna Mae Flynn who has reeled me in with kind works to help me stay focused and on the task at hand. She has provide me with the stability when all my mind wants to do is bury myself in a deep hole. She reminds me thatI have a huge goal I want to accomplish That any serious deviation from the plan could hurt me in the long run. I am very grateful for her guidance. No one can make it through this life alone and I know I certainly can;t get to the starting like of a100 mile race without a solid mentor in my corner. If it were solely up to me I’m pretty sure I would push muscles into injury or illness, because that’s what I did last summer. I’ m so grateful toady for the amazing people God has placed in my life without the team I have in my corner I known I would bot be standing here, healthy, sober and sane today! Be grateful for the people in 9your corner and let them know how much they mean to you!" - Seth

"My goals for the season are to hopefully race the Speedgoat 50k in July and one more race in the fall. If not hopefully a 50 miler and then the trail marathon championship in Moab. I wold also like to try to aim for a faster effort on the WURL. If not this year then the next. I raced Way Too Cool 50k in March and got my 50km PR of 4:18 and got 4th female overall. I have placed top 5 female in a few 50k races and many shorter distance races as well. I have learned soooo much form Anna Mae, but most importantly to take the easy days easier so you can push i harder on the hard days and build volume. I have drastically increased my running volume working with Anna Mae and am finding “ active recovery” days of running are so possible and I am capable of so much more than I ever ever thought. Best decision I have made in a long time!!" - Jane

"If you have ever thought, "Should I hire a coach?", the answer is "Yes". I casually met Ryan on a training run and we shared a few minutes (he is too fast to keep up with! haha) together on the trail. I can thank Strava Flybys for the rest! We started following each other on Strava/Insta and I eventually came to realize that Ryan joined the Mountain Endurance Coaching team. I had thought of hiring a coach for a long time and realized that if I wanted to progress with running and avoid injury, that I needed a coach to get me there. After only a few months of coaching, I have seen dramatic improvements in my fitness level. The wide variety of workouts push me physically and mentally, but with plenty of easy running in the mix I have become faster and stronger without injury. Ryan is very easy to talk to, responds quickly to my questions, and adjusts my schedule based on the goals that I want to complete. I am excited to see where Ryan will take me with running and can't recommend him enough! "- Lindsey

"I started running because I needed an outlet from the stress of working and going to graduate school. As an epileptic, stress can increase the frequency and severity of seizures, thus as an ultra runner was born! While I will always be a middle to the back of the pack runner- I feel I am more of a “ how much can I push my body” than a “ how can I win this race” kinda runner. I have run everything from 50ks to a 100M on a treadmill with my favorite distance being the 50m. This Year I’ll be attempting two 200 milers, which I can barely wrap my own head around. But I’n so lucky to have Auburn and Tahoe in my backyard to play and train in.

Anna Mae has definitely taught me to listen to my body. Before her, I had it in my head that I HAD to run injured, even though I had nothing to prove to anyone. With every step I rake, she is so supportive and conscientious with me. Trust me, between the seizures and training for 200 milers, I need someone who can support me and  make me listen to my body!" - Julie

"I have been working with Margaret for a few months now gearing up for my first ultra. The coaching environment that she has cultivated has helped me be more consistent than ever and adapt to my schedule, and 2020. She is a true problem-solver and has helped me recognize problems and develop a strategy to overcome them. Unlike other coaches that have been race-goal oriented, my training she has designed does not center around a certain distance or time, but rather aerobic base, strength, and finding joy in grit. She said something to me early on: "but what if you could"... it has become my mantra when I visualize goals. If you want not just a coach and plan, but someone who encourages you, challenges you, and listens to you....reach out to Margaret!"- Emily


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