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About Me:

Born in Indiana and raised in the rural town of Olney, Illinois with so much Midwest in my heart. If I wasn’t playing a sport, growing up, I was outside practicing or running around out in my yard. Rain or shine, I loved being outside. I grew up playing basketball, baseball, and soccer predominantly with football and karate sprinkled in there for a couple seasons.

Where my running career started to blossom came at the hands of losing. I started for my Varsity soccer team my Freshman year but lost my spot my Sophomore year. I vowed that I would get my spot back and felt that I needed to be the fittest guy on the field to play the position I loved the most, left midfielder. Over that summer, I ran and worked out practically every single day with days I’d sometimes do two a days running with training for soccer. Olney is a small enough town that anyone running becomes a noticed individual. One person who noticed was the High School Cross Country coach. That year I did HS XC and HS Soccer in the same season. I also did get my spot back. It taught me how much I loved how free and uninhibited running was for me not just physically but mentally as well.

I’ve bounced around the states quite a bit since Olney, living in places like St. Louis, Los Angeles, Nashville, and now Denver. I don’t have to worry about getting a spot on the varsity team but I’ve carried running with me ever since training for everything between a 5k to a marathon. It’s allowed me to find more interest in applying the biomechanics of running to become one of the more well-regarded therapists specializing in endurance athletes.


Why Do I Coach?

Aside from providing my knowledge to help people feel more hopeful and confident in
themselves, I just love the challenge involved in working to figure out the puzzle that is the
human body. My job is to first and foremost, listen to the needs and goals of each client I work
with to properly give them the answers they seek. From here, self-efficacy is the largest thing I
like to impart on people I work with. I’d rather educate and teach the person in front of me to
facilitate reliability in oneself than create reliability in someone else. I’m not just here to help
people, I’m here to change the way medical professionals work with people.



  •   Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

  •   Masters in Sports Rehabilitation and Exercise Science (M.S.)

  •   Bachelors in Human Biology (B.S.)

  •   Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences (B.S.) minoring in Psychology and Chemistry


  •   Active Release Technique (Full Body Certified)

  •   Graston Technique

  •   Integrative Dry Needling

  •   Functional Dry Needling via Kinetacore

  •   Kinesiotape (K Tape)

  •   FMS (Level 1)

  •   FMS (Y Balance)

  •   SFMA (Level 1 and 2)

  •  Biomechanics of Running

  •  Functional Range Conditioning

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